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The Law On Occupiers’ Liability in Kenya

Occupiers’ liability is an area of tort law that deals with the duty of care owed by those who occupy real property through ownership or lease (called ‘the occupier’) to those who visit or trespass into the property.

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The Law On Termination Of Domestic Workers

Domestic workers occupy a significant part of the global workforce. Unfortunately, they are one of the most vulnerable groups of workers. Being informal employees, many are engaged without clear terms of employment or documentation.

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The Law on Auctioneers’ Charges

The law relating to Auctioneers, the licensing and regulations of the auctioneering business and the practice of auctioneers is governed by the Auctioneers Act & the Auctioneer’s Rules. Under the said Rules, the auctioneers’ charges for attachment/repossession/distraint

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Registration of Trademarks

Trademarks registration protects the proprietor’s brand and prevents other businesses from taking advantage of the company by using a similar name, sign or mark.

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The Law on Empanelment of a Bench

The decision whether or not to empanel a bench of more than one Judge at the High Court ought to be made where it is absolutely necessary and in strict compliance with the relevant constitutional and statutory provisions.

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