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Data Protection Law in Kenya

Introduction The Data Protection Act, 2019 In keeping up with modern-day developments that require the involvement of codified regulations, Kenya adopted the Data Protection Act

The New Company Beneficial Ownership Law

Introduction Section 93 of the Companies  Act (the ‘Act’) provides that Companies ought to keep a members’ register which includes information relating to beneficial owners

The Business Laws (Amendment) Act

Introduction Business transactions in Kenya are governed by a myriad of laws including the Companies Act, the Law of Contract Act, among other laws. The

Wills and Succession Planning

Introduction Many times, individuals pass away without leaving guidelines for the handling of their property. This often results in disputes where relatives and unfamiliar offspring

Key Changes in Compulsory Acquisition

COMPULSORY ACQUISITION Thisis the legal process by which the State acquires private propertyfor a public purpose or pursuant to public interest. The major guiding principle

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