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Malicious Prosecution

The tort of malicious prosecution is committed in circumstances where a defendant (s) causes the arrest and prosecution of the plaintiff or claimant without reasonable

Legal Alert on Saccos

The primary Objective of the Sacco societies (Ammendment) Act 2022 is to provide for ICT mechanism through whcih Saccos shall submit & receive statutory reports

Legal Alert – Succession Planning

Intestate succession arises when either a person dies without a Will or the Will left by the deceased person is invalidated by the court.

Registration of Family Trusts in Kenya

The benefits of registering family trusts under the new regime of the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Amendment, Act 2021 cannot be overstated. Tax breaks offered to

Digital Service Tax

Data Protection Law in Kenya

Introduction The Data Protection Act, 2019 In keeping up with modern-day developments that require the involvement of codified regulations, Kenya adopted the Data Protection Act

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