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The Firm is involved in all aspects of dispute resolution including Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family and Criminal practice and Debt Collection Departments. The practice area is headed by Charles Kanjama.

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Established In 2006, MK Advocates Has Positioned Itself As A Leader In Ethical Legal Practice In Kenya.







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Human Resource

We believe that our greatest resource is our well-trained and continuously adapting and developing human resource. Nonetheless, we recognize that this must be facilitated by top notch physical facilities, effective systems and other intangible resources.

The Physical Space.

We occupy 3000 square feet of office space at I&M Bank House Building 4th Floor, 2nd Ngong’ Avenue, a convenient location in the Community/Upper Hill area of Nairobi, close to the CBD. Our offices are adjacent to the Ministry of Lands building and a short walk from the Milimani Law Courts. We have ample and secure Parking, a well-appointed Reception area, two well-designed Board Rooms and meeting rooms/offices/sufficient registry facilities to enable us fully cater to our Client’s work needs.

Our Kisumu Branch Office in Kisumu Town occupies 1500 square feet of office space at the Reinsurance Plaza, 4th Floor.

The Technical & Information Support.

We have a well-stocked and modern library, ready access to Information databases and resources through the Internet and office software, modern ICT devices for communication and research, and access to sufficient stationery/printing facilities. We have in place the WakiliCMS software, an office management system on cloud. We also have the MK Share network, connecting all users in the office and a backup cloud file storage platform.

Effective Systems.

To achieve our Mission and Vision we have established robust systems, procedures and processes. We have developed a client feedback system direct to the team leader of every assignment, and finally to the Managing Partner, whose mobile number and email address are available to clients in our service charter.

Professional Indemnity Cover.

We are continuously implementing systems to ensure we minimize error, own up to them when they occur and learn from them, resolve them with best outcome for Client, and cover for the financial risk inherent in service delivery by an adequate professional indemnity cover, whose details are available upon request.

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The Firm has a substantial litigation department with extensive involvement in Banking & Insurance Law, Employment Law, Constitutional Law, Election Law, Business Reorganization, Contract Law, Tort Law, Environmental Law, Landlord & Tenant Law, Media & Entertainment Law and Corporate Litigation among others. Notable assignments handled by the department are:

  • Represented former employees of a leading financial institution in an employment case.

  • Represented individuals and institutions on matters touching on the Bill of Rights.

  • Represented the Judicial Service Commission in the Case of the retirement age for Judges and several other related suits.

  • Represented various Members of Parliament and Members of County Assemblies in various Election Petitions after the 2013 & 2017 general Elections.

  • Represented the Judicial Service Commission and the now defunct Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board in various matters relating to the vetting of judges pursuant to the promulgation of the Kenya Constitution 2010.

  • Represented the interest of 2 churches in claim and disposal of over its 6 acre land in Eastleigh valued at over 1 Billion.

  • Handled several tenancy disputes before the Business Premises Rent Tribunal for individuals and institutions.

  • Represented a state corporation in a land dispute revolving around the grabbing of public land by private individuals in Nakuru County.

  • Assisted Advocates to recover Legal Fees due after representing a company in Court.

  • Commercial Litigation.

  • Represented several companies in protecting their Intellectual Property rights both at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) and in court.

  • Litigation for county governments and staff on several issues employment or otherwise.

  • Represented Members of a County Executive Committee in a dispute against the County Government.


Through the Lexserve Dispute Resolution Center the Firm has extensive involvement in Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, Adjudication and other Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. The Partners are registered members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya (M.CIArb) with Andrew Muma also a Certified Mediator. Notable assignments by the department are as follows:

  • Representing and attending Arbitration proceedings touching on complex construction, labour, intellectual Property and Information Technology disputes.

  • We, through the Partners have been appointed arbitrators in conflicts revolving around contested commercial agreements, joint ventures etc.

  • We are currently involved in an arbitration matter over community rights to conservancies and general resource allocation.

  • We have been involved in the successful arbitration of employment disputes.

  • We have conducted successful mediation of estates of deceased persons.

  • We have conducted successful reconciliation of family disputes.


Muma & Kanjama runs an aggressive Debt Collection Department complete with legal personnel and in collaboration with accounting personnel to keep tab of day-to-day collections. The department uses innovative methods to manage debtors and facilitate debt collection, thus ensuring our Clients’ cash flow status is above board. Notable assignments handled by the department are as follows:

  • Successfully represented an oil company on a claim in the upwards of Kshs 34 Million.

  • Successfully represented an Advocate in the recovery of fees to the tune of Kshs 90 Million from his clients.

  • Successfully represented a construction company in the collection of Kshs.184, 000.

  • Successfully represented various banks in recovery of bad debts to the tune of millions.

  • Represented a power generating company in claims of money owing.


Muma & Kanjama handles family matters including Maintenance Claims, Adoption, Divorce Causes and Succession Matters. The firm also handles all criminal matters as provided for in the Penal Code of Kenya, thus among the few notable law firms in Kenya that handle criminal matters. Notable assignments handled by the department are as follows:

  • Successfully represented families on contested estates, Divorce and Matrimonial Property Disputes.

  • Successfully represented various spouses in divorce cases and determination of matrimonial property.

  • Successfully represented clients in maintenance claims.

  • Successfully represented families in contested adoptions.

  • Watched briefs and participated as an intermediary in high profile criminal cases.

  • Successfully represented accused persons in various criminal matters.

  • Successfully represented an adoption agency in a complex inter-country adoption that is being challenged.


The firm is unrivalled in terms of Intellectual Property competence with several personnel qualified in Intellectual Property, including Andrew Muma who lectures Intellectual Property Law at the University of Nairobi. The Department offers advice to clients on all aspects of intellectual property, including registration, assignments and renewal of trademarks, copyright, industrial designs, patents and utility models and registered user/license agreements. Notable assignments by the department include:

  • Research on IP matters and provision of advice to clients, drafting industrial designs and patent applications for KIPI and ARIPO patent registries and advising on protection of copyright and reviewing and advising on franchising agreements.

  • Review, preparation and Registration of Powers of Attorney for several banks crucial in conveyance and transactional practices.

  • Registration of Trademarks and Renewal of marks making follow up with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute Registry

  • Preparation of ICT development Agreements and ICT/IP agreements for various software developers.

  • Engaged in research of Trademarks in Biodiversity Management in Kenya.

Corporate Secretarial

The firm has a fully-fledged Corporate Secretarial Department in collaboration with Lexserve Registrars dedicated to catering for the needs of the company and its members. Our services range from incorporation of companies, trusts, societies, co-operative societies, NGOs, business names and other specialized entities, to providing on-going advisory, secretarial and registrar services to these entities among others.

  • Setting up and registration of Unit Trusts for investment in various products for organizations. We have undertaken entity formation for entities seeking to establish businesses in Kenya. This has comprised incorporation of: companies, trusts, societies and Non-Governmental Organizations.

  • We have assisted and continue to assist a number of entities in annual compliance and statutory maintenance of their companies.

  • We have been involved in the corporate restructuring and share reorganisation for a number of companies.

  • We have assisted various trusts and companies in management of risk through advisory services on the best practices and corporate governance.

  • Provision of general Corporate Secretarial Services.


The Conveyance Department is involved in all aspects of conveyance transactions including sale and transfer of land, leases, sectional property transactions, sub-divisions, change of user, conveyances, mortgages/charges, discharge of charges, caveats, cautions, easements, powers of attorney, trusts relating to land among others and advising clients generally on all aspects of property law. Notable assignments handled by the department are as follows:

  • Handled the restructuring and managing of individual family properties, trusts and developments leading to unlocking cashflows. E.g. commercial and residential leases, project structuring, charitable trusts etc.

  • Advising various clients in connection with acquisition of land, land control requirements in respect of agricultural land, amalgamation of land, changes and extensions of user and subdivision including obtaining the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

  • Provision of assistance to developers in change of user, development, sale and in registration of title to new owners.

  • Perfection of securities and registration of charges for various financial institutions in leading banks and microfinance organizations.

  • Drafting and registration of sale agreements and leases for several communities and residential developments more particularly in the CBD, Upperhill, Syokimau, Ruaka among others.


The Commercial department covers a wide area of practice, including but not limited to corporate & commercial transactions, legal audits, corporate tax, private equity/venture capital, project finance & construction, regulatory affairs & compliance, capital markets, international trade and investment, energy, oil & gas, mining & instructive industries, corporate governance/company structuring, labour, employment & immigration, media/telecommunication law, among others. Notable assignments handled by the department are as follows:

  • Project Management for the CPS Governance Upperhill Center.

  • Represented a Housing Co-operative in the development of offices in the Central Business District.

  • Structured a Joint Venture for companies in the oil sector.

  • Provision of legal advice on corporate governance to National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Law Society of Kenya (LSK), Kenya Christian Professionals Forum, Strathmore Educational Trust, Pacis Insurance Limited and various other organisations.

  • Project structuring and legal advisory for various professional bodies and other commercial buildings and developments.

  • Advisory to key professional bodies including project structuring and legal advisory for them.

  • Review, preparation and registration of Powers of Attorney for several banks crucial in conveyance and transactional practices.

  • Reviewing and drafting a variety of commercial agreements.

  • Legal Audits and Transactional Due Diligence Investigation for several Private and Public Companies, State Corporations and Chain Stores.

Under our Support Services Practice Area, the firm is involved in Law Reporting and Legal Education Departments and ICT Law. The practice area is headed by Charles Kanjama and managed by Barbara Malowa.


Tapping from our strength in highly trained lawyers working in various reputable universities including University of Nairobi, Strathmore University and others, the firm seeks to move law reporting and legal education to the next level by creating a link between legal education, practice and the Bench by developing state-of-the-art interactive legal reporting and hands on awareness of the law and legal critique of judicial authorities. This will give our clients an up-to-date and unrivalled legal awareness and library.


The practice area also tackles matters of Information and Communication Technology law, web design contracts, brochure design contracts, hardware and user agreements; developing and restructuring ICT Policy for organizations to comply with the legal environment etc. We service both large (tier 1) as well as small & medium size (tier 2) technology companies.