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Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Firm embraces amicable methods of dispute settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) in order to save time and ensure a quicker mechanism of resolving disputes apart from the court process. These ADR mechanisms include: Arbitration, Mediation and Structured Negotiation. Both Senior Partners are Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya (FCIArb) and Certified Mediators as well. The Partners and the team employ their extensive experience in ADR to represent individual clients and corporates.

Debt Collection and Recovery

We offer expert legal advice and guidance on all types of debt recovery related issues and advise debtors in distress. Our aggressive Debt Collection Practice Unit complete with legal personnel and accounting personnel use innovative methods to manage debtors and facilitate debt collection thus ensuring our clients recover debts with ease. We diligently and strictly adhere to debt collection procedures stipulated in the applicable statutes in each matter. We are cognizant of the fact that non-compliance with any steps provided for under the law or any departure from such procedures would vitiate the process and render it liable for challenge by the aggrieved party.

We have been involved in various matters relating to debt collection of banks as Chargees’ and have successfully aided them to exercise available remedies such as the statutory power of sale.

Additionally, we have represented diverse clients in debt collection cases.

Civil and Commercial Practice

The firm’s Civil & Commercial Practice Unit has built a solid reputation in civil and commercial litigation before the Small Claims Court, Magistrates Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, and Tribunals in Kenya. We handle a wide range of litigious matters including but not limited to breach of contract, professional negligence, defamation, material damage claims and other related matters.

Constitutional and Judicial Review

Muma & Kanjama Advocates has an experienced Constitutional & Judicial Review Practice Unit that has conscientiously analyzed the Constitution of Kenya and offers detailed legal advice and representation on constitutional law. It carefully analyzes each constitutional case and forms sound strategies to efficiently represent a client’s case. The Firm specializes in judicial review matters in respect of the actions of legislative, executive, and administrative arms of the government and any other administrative bodies.

Employment Practice

Our Employment Practice Unit handles the full range of issues arising in the workplace including but not limited to employment contracts, employee benefits, terms and conditions of employment, unfair dismissals, pension and retirement benefits and employment issues upon transfer of businesses. We also represent our clients (both employers and employees) in disputes before the Employment and Labour Relations Court.

Environment and Land

The Firm’s Environment & Land Practice Unit has advocates with vast knowledge and experience in environment and land matters. It represents clients at the Magistrates Courts, Environment and Land Court and appeals at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Additionally, the firm represents clients in matters before the Business Premises Rent Tribunal in respect of disputes involving tenancy agreements over business premises, shops, hotels and catering establishments, etc.  

Family and Succession

The Firm handles family matters including divorce and separation causes and succession matters: applications for grants of letters of administration and probate, confirmation of grants, revocation of grants, guardianship, domestic, cohabitant’s claims, matrimonial disputes, family wealth protection as well as alternative dispute resolution in family matters. We strive to handle family matters with utmost sensitivity and privacy.

Personal Injury and Insurance

Muma and Kanjama Advocates offers legal advice and court representation to persons involved in workplace accidents, road accident, medical malpractice and product liability matters. As such the firm handles a number of personal injury cases in court and through Alternative Dispute Resolution. Additionally, the Firm offers legal advice in the form of legal opinions on Insurance contracts, disputes and compliance.

Criminal Practice

The Firm handles criminal litigation matters before the Magistrates Courts, High Court and Appeals at both the High Court and Court of Appeal. We offer Criminal Defence services such as bail applications and court defence. We also handle watching brief on behalf of Victims & Complainants.

The firm ensures that clients have access to justice before the courts and that matters are tried and determined in a procedural and judicious manner by paying keen attention to the criminal trial and raising issues of violation of rights whenever they arise.


Real Estate

The Real Estate Practice Unit is involved in all aspects of conveyance transactions including sale and transfer of land, leases, conveyances, mortgages/charges, discharge of charges, caveats, cautions, easements, powers of attorney, trusts relating to land among others and advising clients generally on all aspects of property law.

Leasing and Rentals

The Leasing and Rentals Practice Unit offers clients services in preparation and registration of lease and license agreements, recovery of rental arrears, preparation of offer letters and conducting legal due diligence on clients and potential tenants and licensees.

Banking and Finance

The firm has vast experience in the preparation of banking security documentation including perfection of simple and complex legal charges and debentures for individuals and companies (as the case may be).

The firm is also proficient in the preparation of related security documents including discharge of charges, deeds of guarantee, deeds of assignment, deeds of priority, security sharing agreements, loan agreements, deed subordination agreements and escrow agreements.

The firm also reviews security documents for borrowers and banks/financial institutions and advises on collateral securities, debt restructuring as well as other models of raising capital such as private equity arrangement and loan syndication.

Consultancies and Legislative Drafting

The Firm has a fully-fledged Legislative Drafting team of advocates that is competent in drafting of policies, regulations and legislative instruments. We regularly assist our clients in analyzing proposed legislation to keep them informed of the potential changes as well as how they may impact their operations this includes the conduct of unique and quality research and analyses locally, while incorporating international best practices for each specific sector thereby ensuring that our drafting and review of the current or proposed policies and legislation can withstand public scrutiny.

We are occasionally consulted by government entities, both at the national and county levels, in respect of the drafting of new laws or subsidiary legislation. Further, we have advised various interest groups on certain (proposed) legislation.

The firm offers consultancy services to both government and private entities on various issues including regulatory compliance, project structuring, legal governance and project implementation. The Managing Partner is an accredited Governance Auditor and a Governance Expert through the Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS).

Tax and Intellectual Property

The firm has sufficient Intellectual Property competence with several personnel qualified in Intellectual Property, including Andrew Muma who lectures Intellectual Property Law at the University of Nairobi. We offer advice to clients on various aspects of intellectual property, including registration, assignments and renewal of trademarks, copyrights and registered user/license agreements.

Corporate Secretariat

The firm has a fully-fledged Corporate Secretarial Department affiliated with Lexserve Registrars. Our services range from incorporation of companies, business names and other specialized entities, to providing on-going advisory and secretarial services.

Family, Neighborhoods & Trust

The firm offers top-notch legal and business solutions that secures the integrity of the neighborhood and the family, its assets and enterprise for the current and future generations. Each family is unique. Therefore, apart from meeting every client’s unique needs, we focus our efforts on safeguarding stability and unity among family members because our goal is to assure the ongoing vitality of the family as well as the continued viability of the enterprise. We draw from our multidisciplinary team of real estate, family law, probate and succession, corporate law, commercial law and tax law to offer practical and business critical advice on all potential legal and business aspects and complexities.

We assist many closely held and family businesses at all stages of growth and development. We have consistently guided family-owned business entities through successful business transitions. Our diverse team achieves favorable conclusions by developing appropriate succession strategies, managing execution of the plan, and devising methods to address challenges effectively.


Tapping from our strength in highly trained lawyers working in various reputable universities including University of Nairobi, Strathmore University and others, the firm seeks to move law reporting and legal education to the next level by creating a link between legal education, practice and the Bench by developing state-of-the-art interactive legal reporting and hands on awareness of the law and legal critique of judicial authorities. This gives our clients an up-to-date and unrivalled legal awareness and library.


The Firm also tackles matters of Information and Communication Technology law including the preparation of web design contracts, brochure design contracts, hardware and user agreements; developing and restructuring ICT Policy for organizations to comply with the legal requirements etc.

Public Sector

The Public Sector Business Unit offers services to various public sector organizations including Ministries, Constitutional Commissions, State Departments, State Corporations and Independent Offices, Non-governmental Organizations. We deliver intelligent solutions to complex, innovative and high-profile matters, based on an in-depth understanding of the public and private sector. We offer , among other services, Legal Audit & Compliance, Legislative Drafting, Policy Formulation & Review, Governance Consultancies and Litigation Support.

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.​