Register for your Remote Law Consultancy Session

Our remote consultancy initiative enables us to help you solve your legal issues by offering advise on this online platform. Ideal for those who are far away from Nairobi or the physically-challenged, our remote consultancy function involves the following procedure:

  1. Register as below with your name and contact details;
  2. State the subject matter of your query – i.e. “Employment dispute”; “Land matter”; “Divorce and Succession issue”, etc.;
  3. Explain the details of your issue – providing us with the key facts of the matter and the timelines in which it occurred;
  4. Your query will then be forwarded to a qualified advocate from our team, who will look into your matter and advise you within 48 working hours of receipt of your query and payment of the KShs. 3,000.00 legal fees.

A remote consultancy can then be followed up, if need be, by a physical meeting to discuss the matter further and offer more legal cousel.

NB.: The cost of a remote consultancy is KSHs. 3,000.00 per session (one session is made up of a query and a response).

Payment is done immediately upon booking your remote consultancy session.

Remote Law Consultancy Session Kshs 3,000.00

  1. Go to MPESA Menu
  2. Select Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Select Buy Goods & Services
  4. Enter Till Number Below
  5. Enter Amount

*Response is done in 48hrs after payment

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